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Various researches tell us that organizations today suffer from a “skills supply chain” challenge. More than 70% of organizations cite “capability gaps” as one of their top five challenges. This means in order to meet growing business needs, companies have to train, retrain, and jointly educate a lot to employees internally to meet the Capability gaps or Skills set scarcity. The right employee training, development and education, at the right time, provides big payoffs for the employer in way of increased productivity, knowledge, loyalty, and contribution.

However, there is no one size fit concept when it comes to meeting your organization’s training needs…Every organization is unique in the sense of it business challenges, Culture, People Development expectations and Overall “Employee value Preposition”.

At Vision scope job, we consider training as unique to every organization. Hence, we believe that “training needs should to be evolved and not imposed”. Our training and development experts work closely with HR Managers, functional managers, senior leadership team and key decision makers in the organization to understand training needs at various levels. From detailed training need identification, designing training modules, content finalization, sourcing right trainers to conducting and measuring post training outcomes, at Vision scope job we offer complete learning solutions. Our training solutions are customized to maximize return on training investments by means of ensuring actual impact on the job for participants.

Employee Professional Skill Development trainings

Our employee professional skill development trainings focus on identifying and developing most critical competencies that ensure success of employees working at the bottom of the pyramid. Developing operational skills of your employees would result in effective communication, increased productivity; enhance employee effectiveness, improved customer satisfaction and overall performance enhancement. Our Employee Professional Skill Development Trainings would cover important competencies like:

- Basic Communication Skills

- Advanced Communication Skills (Covering Communication with Customers, Email Etiquettes,Telephone Etiquettes)

- General Professional Etiquette (Covering Professional Dressing, Body language, Professional Conduct)

- Team Work, Interpersonal Skills

- Planning and Organizing Skills

- Time and Stress Management

Managerial Effectiveness Program

Employees don’t leave organizations, they leave managers. This quote holds true even today in most of the organization as they continue to hire, elevate people at managerial and leadership responsibilities. High potential and high performing individuals often need a structure learning environment to develop their managerial abilities. Focused learning solutions for developing key managerial competencies would enable managed to effectively manage, coach and motivate their team. This in turns results in high performing team and better organization outcomes.

At Vision scope job, with our ongoing research and experience of developing managers, we offer comprehensive solutions to strengthen on the job effectiveness of your managers. By understanding your organization’s unique culture and growth objective, we will put across a customized training program to address learning and development needs for your managers. Our Managerial Effective Programs focus on developing competencies like:

- Effective Communication Skills for Managers

- Leadership and Motivation Skills

- Effective delegation

- Problem Solving and Decision Making

- Time Management and Prioritization

- Coaching and Counseling Skills.

- Ownership and Accountability.

- Managing Team performance

Leadership Development Program

Leaders are always expected to drive people and performance. Having a right leader is very important to ensure success and future growth of the organization. However, only hiring leaders won’t help unless you have them with right skills and competencies to make right impact. Developing leadership competencies could be quite a daunting task for HR and internal management team.

At Vision scope job we work with pool of experienced, qualified and reputed trainer who can provide most appropriate learning experience to the leadership team in following areas:

- Executing Organizational Strategy

- Coaching and Developing team, Individuals.

- Fostering creativity and Innovation

- TeamTalent Management and Succession Planning

- Driving and Leading Change Management

- Creating and leading a high performance organization

Domain Specific Technical Training Programs

Our technical training solutions are aimed to focus on addressing operational and functional skill set gaps in highly process and technology driven companies especially IT/ITES, Pharmaceutical, Engineering and Service based companies. Be it your Software developers, Quality Assurance Team, Project Managers, Research Team, HR Team, Accounts, Sales, Marketing or Technical Engineers our team will work closely with you to identify specific training needs. From detailed training need identification, designing training modules, content finalization, sourcing right trainers to conducting and measuring post training outcomes, at Vision Scope Job we offer complete learning solutions on various technical competencies.

Early Talent Development Solutions

To meet increasing demand of trained and skilled manpower, HR departments in organizations have created internal talent development programs to groom fresh talent. These internal training and development program do ensure you have access to trained and job ready talent. However, this requires huge amount of effort in terms of Investments, time, energy, involvement of HR and technical/billable resources. Ongoing commitment and dedicated team is required to design, manage and run these training centers and programs to groom fresh talent.

At Vision Scope Job, we allow your HR, Technical Managers and leaders to do what they are best at i.e. growing your business. Our team of learning and development experts would not only plan, coordinate campus placements on your behalf but they would also Induct, Training and Develop fresh talent selected by you to make them job ready. Our complete early talent development solutions would ensure you get job ready talent groomed in the way you want it with having to spend all administrative and coordination time.