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More than ever before, Talent acquisition and development needs have become a core focus area for business leaders and Human Resources professionals in today’s organizations. Several recent surveys and research papers indicate that building critical talent pipeline is one of the top most strategic initiatives that companies are pursuing today. However, finding talent with right aptitude, experience, business acumen and a clear career aspiration is a daunting task.

At Vision scope job, we assist you source right people for the right job. We recognize that the success of any business mainly depends on right fitment of talent at right positions. With an array of different recruitment solutions, we partner with you to offer a complete talent solution. We offer following services under our Recruitment Solutions:


If identify the best talent with required experience and expertise in limited time is a challenge, come to us. Our qualified, experienced and technical recruiters know exactly how and where to find the best talent. With our strong database, network and expertise in the talent markets across various hierarchy and industry segments we can partner with you to fill critical talent gaps in your organization. From junior level, middle management to top management, From IT/ ITES, Telecom, Healthcare, Engineering and Hospitality to other services based company; our experience base covers it all.


Identifying best talent is our forte and we have no boundaries. We partner with growing organizations across the globe in helping them find right talent. At Vision scope job we have experience, expertise in international recruitments across multiple domains and geographies like US, UK, South East Asia, Gulf/ Middle East and Africa market. With our extensive research and understanding of talent landscape in these global markets we are helping our clients to identify and onboard right people at right place. From sourcing candidates based in local territory to identifying them from other countries, at Vision scope job we always look for new challenges and learning.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Our recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) services focus on proving total recruitment solutions. From manpower planning, sourcing, conducting interview drives, selection of candidates, salary negotiation on behalf of clients, finalizing offer and final on-boarding of candidates, we can partner with you to manage entire recruitment life cycle. Our recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) services help in reducing cost-per-hire, better deployment time and improve quality of the candidate pool. Vision scope job can partner with you in India as well as globally to deliver customized solutions fitting your needs.

Our RPO Solution would benefit you in following ways:

- Enhance recruitment capabilities without increasing HR headcount.

- Establish quality recruitment process with our best practice approach.

- Reduce overall time to hire resources and there by create a strong talent pipeline to support business.

- Access to trained, technical HR professionals resulting in best turnaround time in recruitment.

- Improved satisfaction of hiring managers while dealing with dedicated team of recruiters working for you.

- Control burnout of existing employees by timely deployment of required resources and there by ensure retention of existing resources.

Temporary Staffing Solutions

A corporation’s workforce is both its greatest asset and one of its largest expenses. However, in today’s business scenario, companies are under great pressure to do more with less. Utilizing temporary staff provides the most beneficial opportunity to maximize efficiencies in manpower costs. Temporary staffing model provides right flexibility to handle seasonal business requirements as well as unplanned client projects without committing long tern burden on your payroll cost.

At Vision scope job we closely understand your business needs and help you with providing temporary staffing solutions across various administrative and technical roles. Be it HR, Accounts, Administration, IT Support, Customer Support and Sales we cover it all to support your growth. Our temporary staffing solutions would help you in following ways:

Enables you to meet project deadlines and handle extraordinary business demands, thereby increasing your bottom line.

Relieves your existing staff from being over-burdened and burned out.

Temps can be brought in to do specialized work your existing staff may not be qualified (or willing) to do.

Reduced risks - Since the staffing agency is the actual employer, you don’t necessarily have to increase headcount in order to employ more workers on occasion

Helps you maintain staffing flexibility - If you’re impressed with the temp’s performance, there may be an opportunity to hire them on a permanent basis.

Can save time and money as experts would do hiring and managing all employee administration for you.